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03 Oct

Customer Experience, its importance, and Customer Experience Management


In a customer service business, there are high chances of engaging in unpleasant and unexpected communication with customers. However, the call center agents have to make sure that a positive experience is provided to the customers along with quick resolutions of their queries. A happy customer is the foundation of a successful business and such satisfied customers become loyal customers, resulting in the promotion of your business to boost profits. The best way to promote your business is through a positive customer experience as a loyal customer promotes & advocates your services.

Customer experience plays a significant role in paving the way to a successful business. Thus, offering an amazing experience to the customers becomes important to retain customers and earn big profits. Even after best practices, sometimes, customers are left with a negative experience that may blow up in your face (in terms of customer retention & profits).

To understand the importance, it is necessary to learn what customer experience actually is.

Customer Experience (CX)

CX can be defined as an impression that customers have of your products & services throughout their journey as a buyer. In simple words, CX means the image that a customer creates of your brand or services after the customer deals with your brand. It is considered an essential factor that may have an impact on your revenue. The primary factors that generate the CX are products and individuals.

There are numerous factors that are at play while developing or creating a wonderful CX. Some of these factors involve questions like, “Are you impressed by the product or services of the company?” or “Do you feel pleased by the support offered by the call center agents to resolve your issues?”

Importance of CX

In this competitive world, CX is considered one of the most crucial factors for a successful business. A positive CX is most likely to be converted into customer loyalty which leads to customer retention, promotes loyalty, and boosts the brand promotion.

Nowadays, power lies in the hands of the customers and not the sellers. This is due to a worldwide digital network called “the Internet”. Customers have huge options to choose from at the click of their fingertips and learn themselves about the products & services they require.

This makes it essential for businesses to focus on the customers and their experiences, leading the customers to continue coming back to them. If such customers become permanent, they help skyrocket your business with constant interaction and word-of-mouth promotions for your products or services.

There are multiple metrics that can be used to measure CX including, Customer Effort Score (CES), Average Response Time (APS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS), and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Such metrics can be implemented by the supervisor to measure CE and create strategies to further improve the CX.

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

CXM is a process in which customer interactions with your call center agents are monitored, analyzed, and improved. CXM focuses on customer needs, their interactions with the call center agents, and the development of strategies to enrich their experience. CXM is an essential element of a customer-first plan as it shows your investment in the customer’s wants. By reviewing the metrics related to the customer journey, businesses constantly move toward creating more value for the customers.

It is necessary for all businesses to add value for the old as well as the new customers. As we know, new customers require quick results and quality services to further continue to deal with your business. This means that if businesses don’t add any value with the passing time, customers lose interest and leave them for the benefits provided by their competitors. It can be said that CXM focuses on the customers & their needs and offers them benefits to prevent them to go elsewhere.


To create a pleasing customer experience, businesses create a customer journey pathway, note customer characters, develop positive interactions with the customers, act on customers’ opinions, and offer quality services. Being a customer-centric business, customer support services focuses on providing quality services which ultimately results in customer retention. In this technologically advanced world, digital call center tools are used by the call centers to keep a track of operations and customer experience. Customer experience management also monitors the interactions between the customers and the call center agents and focuses on the customer experience. Effective implementation of CXM and related strategies results in an improvement in customer services, leading to an increased retention rate.

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