User-Friendly Evaluations Module

  • Customizable meta data fields as per line of business
  • Easily configurable conditional logics
  • Audit the Auditor functionality to change/correct evaluation scores before reporting

KPI Dashboard ─ Easy drill down on Enterprise Data

  • Attribute Performance and KPI indicators to understand which KPI/sections of the interaction assessment form need attention
  • Customizable dashboards as per required KPIs

Performance Reports Library

  • Extenstive library of KPI reports that include “evaluation”, “attribute level” “auto fails”, “coaching” drill down data points.
  • Reports can also be made as Favorites and/or can be Scheduled to be delivered to user’s inbox.

Agent Coaching ─ Effective Feedback Close Loop

  • Inbuilt coaching module for supervisors.
  • Easy tracking of pending coaching, coaching not done status.
  • TAT check for timely coaching completions.


  • Dispute functionality at an attribute or overall audit level to ensure accuracy and calibration
  • Authorization capability to keep check in balance on validity of disputes raised by operations supervisors


  • Review functionality enables client point of contacts, to share feedback on audits, with no impact on original score of the evaluations. Score changes can be done through “Audit the Auditor” functionality, by QA team auditors.

Audit the Auditor

  • ATA or Audit the Auditor enables QA teams to do random checks on evaluations submitted for timely identification and correction of errors made by the evaluators.

Alerts ─ “Real-time” notifications on agent performance

  • Alert management console for users to setup their own alerts based on certain criteria to auto trigger notifications as soon as an audit is submitted.

Inbuilt Calibrations Functionality

  • NEQQO offers a seamless functionality to schedule & conduct calibration sessions, determine variance and ensure all partner sites are well aligned on quality measures.

Inbuilt Support/Ticketing Functionality

  • ‘Tickets’ is an inbuilt functionality to create and track requests generated by client. Users can filter tickets based on status (Pending / In Progress / Completed / All)

Proxy Access

  • Proxy access enables supervisors to keep a check in balance on other supervisors’ teams in case of absence.

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