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27 Oct

Call Center Agents, Their Importance, & Ways to Improve their Performance

Call Center Agents

From being the call centers’ face to handling customer issues, call center agents hold a significant place in customer services.

These are those individuals who are the contact point of an organization and its customers as agents are the ones who converse with the customers and handle their issues. Based on the nature of the call center, agents handle the calls accordingly. Mostly, these are those people who have people skills, have creative thinking to resolve problems, and have adequate knowledge about the call center business.

Importance of Call Center Agents

Call center agents hold an essential place in offering solutions to the customers’ issues, easing the customers’ anxiety levels, and supporting the call centers they represent. There are various customers who feel unsettled and want to interact with the service providers on live calls, adding call center agents to the equation.

From the customers’ perspective, call center agents are solution providers of the customers’ queries and are those individuals who provide positive experiences to the customers, resulting in their retention.

From the organization’s perspective, the agents represent the call center and are the middle point of every process. Their performance leads to higher customer retention, repetitive business, higher profits, and goodwill.

Therefore, it is understood that call center agents play an essential role in customer handling as well as accomplishing business objectives.

How to Improve Call Center Agents’ Performance

Being an integral part of both world (customers & business), it is crucial that the performance of the agents are on-point every time. Non-performance of the agents impacts the business, customer retention, and brand value. Therefore, it is vital that the performance of the agents must be improved with the passing of time.

Here are the few points that an organization must follow to improve the performance of its call center team:

1. Ongoing Training at every level

This is the most common and most important practice followed by call center businesses. We all know that general training is provided to the new agents to make them aware of their roles and responsibilities.

However, to improve the skillsets and understanding of the agents, from time to time, continuous training must be organized for the call center agents. If such training is not organized, the call center agents would feel stuck in a dead-end job and it can affect their performance, ultimately impacting the customer experience. By establishing a continuous training schedule, the agents stay motivated and it becomes easier to retain them.

2. Best Practices for Most-frequent Problems

Knowledge, understanding, and skills of call center agents are the true power of customer service businesses. The supervisors can provide a list of best practices for the most common issues faced by the customers. This can help increase productivity with quick and immediate solutions.

For this, experienced agents and supervisors can get together to create an effective guide to provide solutions for the common issues faced by consumers. With such a guide, the call center agents can have the best practices to be followed in different scenarios. It also leads to improvement in the call center agent’s performance.

3. Single Entry Point for the team

Complex structures of today’s call centers create various entry points that develop a huge pile of data daily. This makes it difficult to track every interaction of any particular customer. For this, businesses use digital tools.

With the use of specialized digital tools, call center agents can access customers’ data easily without any hassle. It also allows the agents to create an image of the customers and use their skills to interact accordingly. Through this, the agents’ performance is improved and customer issue resolution is decreased.

4. Let Them Speak & Be a Good Listener

Listening to the views and opinions of the call center agents is one of the most common, yet effective modes to make sure that the agents are happy. This makes them feel important and can improve their understanding of the process and their mindset on how they are supposed to work.

The individuals who feel respected and valued at the workplace turn out to have more admiration for their managers or employers, ultimately improving the organization’s retention rate.

Listening to the agents will give a reality check of the ground-level workings. This also gives the management an overview of where the agents stand and where improvement is required.

5. Intelligent Call Routing

Call center agents feel stressed when they are unable to resolve the customer’s issues independently. It also becomes frustrating for them when they have to deal with low-end issues repeatedly.

For this, nowadays, call centers are investing in advanced technology which automatically leads the customers to specialized call center agents for dealing with the issues. This saves money, effort, and time of the call center, customers, and agents by reducing churn and dealing with the specified problems. It helps make the agents happy, ultimately leading to an improvement in their performance.

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