Improve and manage your quality assurance process using an effective and advanced QA management platform

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Improve Productivity

Increase operational efficiency with advanced QA functionalities and output

Maintain Compliance

Improve regulatory compliance & maintain a strong compliance audit trail

Improve Customer Experience

Easily track customer impacting measures through BI tracking and actionable reports

Agent & Process Improvement

Streamline call centre operations by faster identification of errors and timely action

Turn Your Challenges Into Competitive Advantages

Keep a track of call centre quality assurance. Analyse and monitor calls to improve Agent call quality in a call centre.

  • User-Friendly Evaluations Module
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Performance Reports Library
  • Agent Coaching ─ Effective Feedback Close Loop
  • Alerts ─ “Real-time” notifications on agent performance

32% Agent compliance improvement in <3months


42% Efficiency gains by reduction of manual efforts (~$200K savings annually)


12% Reduction in repeat calls by 12%


15% Improvement in NPS survey questioning due to alert tracking and supervisor feedback close loop

Build a world-class QA process with our services, train your teams on the skills they’ll need to drive your business forward

Call Center Training- New Strategies

The right training approach leads to a successful call center business and happy call center agents.

Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Identifying & overcoming the issues with proactive solutions allow the business to go a long way.

Tools of Quality Assurance

Various quality assurance tools that are implemented to uplift businesses’ performance to the next level.

See how NEQQO transforms your quality assurance.

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